Carlson BRx6 GNSS GPS


The BRx6, Carlson’s all-new GNSS receiver with AthenaTM RTK technology and integrated AtlasTM L-band Receiver

The BRx6 is Carlson’s all-new multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna. The BRx6 provides robust performance and high precision in a compact and rugged package. With multiple wireless communications ports and an open GNSS interface, the BRx6 can be used as a precise base station or as a lightweight and easy-to-use rover.

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The Carlson BRx6 GNSS receiver is designed to work seamlessly with most data collectors including Carlson’s rugged and popular data collectors: the Carlson Surveyor2, the Carlson MINI2, the FZ-M1 Tablet, and the Carlson RT3.Designed for use by surveyors, contractors, builders, engineers and many others, the BRx6 can be purchased as either a Rover or as a Base/Rover package. The Base/Rover package includes two BRx6 GNSS receivers, two hard-sided carrying cases, four BRx6 batteries with two chargers, one GPS tribrach and one tribrach adapter, and two Carlson GPS receiver poles.


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